Natalie has been lashing full time since 2010.  Specializing in lashes exclusively has allowed her to perfect her technique and Ooh La Lash’s distinctive method of application was born. An attentive listener, she is able to give you the look you desire in a way that is never tacky or harmful to the client.  Natalie is currently studying to be a nurse injector in order to grow with her long-standing clientele.

“My method results in the most natural volume lashes you can find anywhere in the GTA.  You simply cannot get this look anywhere else as all of my products are made exclusively for me.  I control the quality of the products I use to ensure consistency which is an integral part of my business. I am quick without cutting corners. I can do in 1 hour what takes most over 2 because of my years of experience.  My clients are very pleased with how quick I am.”  Client comfort is always a top priority.

Clean. Comfortable. Cozy.  Seize the nap-or unity! The most effective beauty sleeps a woman can get.”